1) How long does it take for my order to arrive?

We generally ship via UPS. Shipping times are from 48 to 72 hours maximum

2) Is there a surcharge for shipping to other cities?

If the system will indicate the shipping cost according to your city.

3) Can anyone consume VIRILE?

Yes, it is a natural product. If you are of legal age you can consume it without problem. In case of people with diabetes they can consume it as long as they are CONTROLLED diabetics. If you have severe hypertension it is better to consult your doctor beforehand.

4) I had an adverse reaction after taking VIRILE, what do I have to do?

VIRILE is 100% Natural and has the proper health registration. When you consume VIRILE you are eating food but in a micro-pulverized presentation. There are very few cases of people who have had an allergic reaction, generally generated by maca, in any case it is best to completely stop consuming the product.